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07 Lisztomania 1Lisztomania Vol.1
Hando Nahkur
(HN Productions


1. Schubert/Liszt Erlkönig (Erlking) - Hando Nahkur

2. Liszt Après une lecture du Dante (After a reading of Dante) - Hando Nahkur

3. Liszt Chasse-neige (Blizzard, transcendental etude No.12) - Hando Nahkur


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The following review is an excerpt from Keyed In (December 2018 / January 2019) which can be read in its entirety here.

Hando Nahkur’s fifth solo album is his first completely devoted to the piano music of Franz Liszt Lisztomania Vol.1 (HN Productions This recording promises further volumes of Liszt but begins by offering a couple of transcriptions of Schubert lieder, Erlkönig and Auf dem Waser zu singen, in addition to larger works. Nahkur is consistently amazing in his ability to blend both the technical and interpretive demands of this repertoire. Après une lecture du Dante is perhaps the most difficult piece in the program but it comes across with an unencumbered directness and a conceptual maturity required by the subject matter. The contrasting thematic ideas of heaven/hell are as demanding as the work’s closing passages of rapid chromatic octaves. The way he embraces all this shows how secure Nahkur is with Liszt – one of his favourite composers – and it bodes well for future volumes.

It’s unusual to find a brilliantly gifted performer of Nahkur’s calibre still producing on his own independent label. How long before a major label signs him?

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