The WholeNote publishes a print magazine 9 times a year – monthly with the exception of two combined issues, December/January and June/July/August.

Each issue covers events from the 1st of the month to the 7th of the next month (there is always 1 week of overlap). In the case of the combined issues, June/July/August covers June 1st to September 7th, and December/January covers December 1 through February 7.

The WholeNote’s concert and event listings are free of any charge. The deadline to provide listings information is the 8th of the preceding month. Email the details to

The deadline to book advertising space is the 15th of the month prior to the issue in which the ad is to appear. Reserve by phone at 416-323-2232 x.26, or email

Website advertising can be purchased only in conjunction with advertising in the print magazine.

Classifieds (text only) ads and Business Classifieds: (small fixed-size ads for repeat advertisers offering a service) can be reserved by contacting

For detailed information, please view the following informational pages. Choose one from among the tabs at the bottom for Statistics, Advertising Sizes and Rates, and Technical Requirements. Links to downloadable PDFs can be found in the embedded pages:


Other advertising information and specifications available upon request from




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