Who's Who at The WholeNote

At The WholeNote we strive to connect the public at large with the music they love in as many ways as we can. We do this through our Live Listings, through our Beat Columns, our Recording Reviews and through the following Readers Resources:

THE BLUE PAGES A rich resource for musicians and all lovers of live music, with detailed profiles of Southern Ontario’s live music makers and their current seasons. Printed in the October edition of The WholeNote and updated year-round on our website.

THE CANARY PAGES The WholeNote’s annual guide to the extraordinary choral diversity of Southern Ontario. An invaluable resource for anyone seeking a choir to join or choral concerts to enjoy. Printed in our May edition and searchable online at any time. 

THE GREEN PAGES GUIDE TO SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVALS AND EVENTS There’s so much to enjoy - you’ll want a copy at home and one in your summer travel bag. Printed in our Summer edition (June, July & August). Don’t miss our enhanced coverage online. 

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