The WholeNote is pleased to publish free listings for live performances of classical, "new classical," opera, music theatre, early, jazz, folk, choral and world musics throughout Southern Ontario.

The Listings team can be contacted at, or by fax to 416-603-4791. Please note that the deadline for submissions is the 8th day of the month preceding publication. (For example, the deadline for the November magazine is October 8th.)

You can submit your listings either by filling in the form below, or by following this format and emailing your listing to 

Concert Listings in The WholeNote follow a standardized structure, and are constructed from specific items of information. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are essential; other items are optional.

Please note: Listings submitted via this form will be subject to editing as to conform with The WholeNote listings style and structure.

For more information about the entry of listings information click here

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