Music has been a part of my life since I started playing in a Boy’s Band at age 13. Although I am a Life Member of the musicians’ union, in recent years most of my musical life has been in amateur organizations. For the past fourteen years I have written the monthly Bandstand column for The WholeNote.

What have I had to let go of completely since COVID-19 hit? Weekly rehearsals in three different groups, on three different instruments have all been cancelled. As well, at least three planned concerts have been cancelled.

As soon as possible I hope to carry on with all rehearsals and performances. Meanwhile I am researching a variety of musical topics. I also am doing some lonely practicing in an attempt to retain some level of proficiency. For people reading this to stay in touch, the best way would be by e-mail through

For mapping purposes here, my home community is Goodwood, Ontario. This is a small hamlet in the Township of Uxbridge. Goodwood has now received some fame as the location where the TV show “Schitt’s Creek” has been located. I live across the street from “The Mayor’s House”.

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