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06b Reimagine Beethoven RavelReimagine: Beethoven & Ravel
Inna Faliks
Navona Records nv6352 (


- Ludwig van Beethoven - Bagatelle Op. 126 No. 3, cantabile e grazioso

- Richard Danielpour - Bagatelle - Childhood Nightmare (after Beethoven’s Bagatelle opus 126 No. 3)

- Billy Childs - Pursuit (after “Scarbo” from Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit)


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Faliks turns her attention to very different material in the disc Reimagine: Beethoven and Ravel. Here she focuses on putting a new “spin” on standard repertoire, in this case, the Beethoven set of Bagatelles Op.126 and Ravel’s suite Gaspard de la Nuit. These were used as a basis for new compositions by modern composers such as Peter Golub, Tamir Hendelman and Richard Danielpour. Just as the Beethoven set is a study in contrasts, so are the reinterpretations. For example, the mood of the Bagatelle by Golub based on the first in the Beethoven set is pensive and contemplative, closely following that of the original, while Ian Krouse’s Etude 2a based on the second is a true perpetuum mobile. For whatever reason, Faliks didn’t include any original movements from the Ravel suite, but pieces such as Variations on a Spell by Paola Prestini are an evocative reimagining of Ondine.

These are fine recordings demonstrating two sides of a gifted artist – and recorded during a pandemic no less. We can hope to hear more from Inna Faliks in the future.

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