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10 Brian Buch quartetsFrom the River Flow the Stars: String Quartets by Brian Buch
Daedalus Quartet
MSR Classics MS 1681 (


Brian Buch - From the River Flow the Stars No.6 Movement I (watch on YouTube)

Brian Buch - Maze of Infinite Forms No 1, Movement I (watch on YouTube)

Brian Buch - Landscapes No. 1 "Sparks" - Movement I (watch on YouTube)

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The following review is an excerpt from Strings Attached (December 2018 / January 2019) which can be read in its entirety here.

On From the River Flow the Stars the Daedalus Quartet plays string quartets by the American composer Brian Buch (MSR Classics MS 1681 Buch says that he often composes music in collections or books comprised of individual pieces, and extracts from five such books are included here. From the River Flow the Stars No.6, Acanthus Leaves No.6 and Landscapes No.1 are all three-movement works; Maze of Infinite Forms No.1 is in two movements, and Life and Opinions No.7, the central work on the CD, in five.

They are all interesting and inventive pieces that create contrasting atmospheres, although their relative brevity – 12 of the 16 movements are under four minutes in length – may perhaps contribute to their not always leaving a strong impression.

The Daedalus Quartet is known for its work with and support of contemporary American composers, and it’s difficult to imagine these works receiving more sympathetic performances.

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