1808-musicalchildTenor Richard Margison’s career takes him to the world’s opera houses — the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, the San Francisco Opera, the Théâtre Royale de la Monnaie, the Sydney Opera and the Gran Teatro del Liceu. Currently he’s singing the role of Herod in the Canadian Opera Company production of Salome (to May 22).

Born and raised in Victoria BC, Margison performed in lounges as a teenager, singing and playing guitar in duos and bands. He began voice studies with Selena James at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in 1976. Early experiences included summer at The Banff Centre and Canada Opera Piccola at the Victoria International Festival.

In 2007 Margison and his wife, violist Valerie Kuinka, launched an advanced month-long training program in Haliburton for emerging operatic performers. Believing that artists at this level should not pay for a summer program, their Highland Opera Studio offers full scholarships each year to a number of young Canadians.

About that childhood photo? Eagle Island, BC: fun days fishing with my dad!

Anything to say to that little fellow? Keep on practising.

Or ask him? Ask what lure he caught that fish on!

Earliest musical memories? My dad singing The Green Eyed Dragon, and my mom playing the piano: music at home, at church, and on records.

Musicians in your family? My mom was a piano teacher. She was my first teacher and I loved it. She was very patient. My dad sang and played the viola. I always hid behind the couch ... 

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