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06 Caity GyorgyYou’re Alike, You Two
Caity Gyorgy; Mark Limacher
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Two-time Juno Award-winner in the Best Vocal Jazz Album category, Caity Gyorgy is back again with a fresh, snazzy album. The scintillating songstress has put her own twist on a few classic tunes by renowned composer Jerome Kern as well as thrown one of her own new songs into the mix, so this album does double duty – freshening up traditional pieces in addition to showcasing her skills as a composer. Throughout the album and taking into account her past releases, a unique streak runs through them, one that only a few talented musicians can truly master: the ability to breathe new life into traditional pieces and bring them into the modern day. Charm, wit and a certain je ne sais quoi from a bygone era are brought into the present through Gyorgy’s composition and her takes on famed tunes.

The multi-talent’s soaring yet mellow vocals are complemented and showcased perfectly by pianist Mark Limacher’s melodies and riffs. There’s something wonderfully satisfying about a record that is focused around the interplay between a voice and the piano; it’s simple, yet the way the two work together and collaborate brings in an intriguing level of complexity that one must really listen to in order to fully comprehend. Gyorgy’s own tune The Bartender is a standout and a snappy little musical response to some of her critics. Yet another fabulous release, this is a worthy addition to the jazz aficionado’s collection.

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