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05 Joseph BologneThree Sonatas for Violin & Fortepiano, Op. 1b
Joseph Bologne
Olde Focus Recordings FCR923 (


Sonata in B-Flat Major for Violin & Fortepiano, Op. 1b, G.076: I. Allegro - Listen on YouTube

Sonata in A Major for Violin & Fortepiano, Op. 1a, G.077: I. Allegro moderato - Listen on YouTube

Sonata in G Minor for Violin & Fortepiano, Op. 1a, G.078: II. Rondo gracioso - Listen on YouTube


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Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Three Sonatas for Violin & Fortepiano, Op.1b, featuring violinist Andrew McIntosh and fortepianist Steven Vanhauwaert is another COVID lockdown product (Olde Focus Recordings FCR923

In 2020 McIntosh and Vanhauwaert read through the violin sonatas of Bologne to pick one to film and became so enamoured of them that they decided to record all three for an album. Published in 1781 at the height of Bologne’s career they are charming and not insubstantial works, full of late 18th-century elegance. 

Each of the sonatas – No.1 in B-flat Major, No.2 in A Major and No.3 in G Minor – has two movements, with an opening Allegro and a gentler second movement. Dynamics and articulations in the printed edition are minimal and often inconsistent, with the duo here consequently employing ornamentation consistent with the style of the period in excellent performances.

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