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08a Daniel Lippel Bachaufs Lautenwerk
Daniel Lippel and Mak Grgic
New Focus Recordings FCR920/MicroFest Records MF 18 (


Suite in C Minor, BWV 997 (Transcr. for Guitar) : I. Preludio - Listen on YouTube

Prelude, Fugue & Allegro in E-Flat Major, BWV 998 (Transcr. for Guitar) : I. Prelude - Listen on YouTube

Suite in E Minor, BWV 996 (Transcr. for Guitar) : III. Courante - Listen on YouTube


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The following review is an excerpt from Strings Attached (September 2021) which can be read in its entirety here.

The two guitarists who form the contemporary FretXDuo, Daniel Lippel and Mak Grgic have both issued solo CDs of music by Johann Sebastian Bach played on the well-tempered guitar. The guitar is by the German luthier Walter Vogt, using his invention The Fine-Tunable Precision Fretboard, in which each fret is split into six individual moveable frets, placed according to the Well-Tempered III tuning designed by Johann Kirnberger, a composer who studied with Bach. This not only enables the music to be heard in its original keys but also retains the specific Baroque character of each key that is lost with today’s equal temperament, where the subtly varying interval sizes are smoothed out.

The Lautenwerk was a Baroque keyboard instrument, essentially a lute-harpsichord with gut strings that could be plucked with different quill materials at different points along their length. On aufs Lautenwerk, Lippel performs two works for the instrument – the Suite in E Minor BWV996 and the Sonata in C Minor BWV997 – along with the Prelude, Fuga & Allegro in E-flat Major BWV998, written for lute or harpsichord (New Focus Recordings FCR920/MicroFest Records MF 18

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