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download 13Franz Asplmayr Six Quartets, Op.2
Eybler Quartet
Gallery Players of Niagara GPN20001 (


String Quartet in D major Op. 2 no. 2 - I. Vivace

String Quartet in E major Op. 2 no. 4 - II. Minuetto

String Quartet in C major Op. 2 no. 5 - III. Andante poco adagio


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The following review is an excerpt from Strings Attached (July 2020) which can be read in its entirety here.

The Eybler Quartet is back with another superb 2CD set of works by a neglected 18th-century composer, this time Franz Asplmayr Six Quartets, Op.2, early works by the Austrian composer who lived from 1728 to 1786 (Gallery Players of Niagara GPN20001

Although best known for his theatre works, Asplmayr produced 41 symphonies, 70 trios and 43 string quartets, the six four-movement works here – in G, D, F, E, C and E-flat majors – described in Patrick Jordan’s erudite and insightful notes as being “wonderfully unique and highly underappreciated.” They were published by Huberty in Paris in 1769, although probably written much earlier.

The Eybler players are in top form again, displaying their customary perfect ensemble, faultless intonation and vitality and warmth, with technique to burn. Recorded at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, sound and balance are both ideal in simply delightful performances.

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