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Big Space
Independent (bigspaceband.com)

The latest Big Space album, In Relation To, is equal parts technically impressive and refreshingly easy on the ears. Tastefully incorporating elements of math-rock, post-rock and funk into their blend of fusion, the trio’s firm grasp of the songwriting process is consistently on display. Despite recording live in studio with no overdubbing, the airtight rhythm section, composed of drummer Ashley Chalmers, bassist Ian Murphy and guitarist Grant King, manage to remain in near-perfect lockstep with each other throughout. Thankfully, their outstanding proficiency as a unit doesn’t end up as a vehicle for listless noodling. Instead, it greatly enhances the overall clarity of the musical ideas. The track Relevator is a masterclass in tension and release. Largely buoyed by the tandem of Chalmers and Murphy, Big Space repeatedly establishes a memorable, stripped-down groove that eventually builds to multiple, expertly realized climaxes. During these synchronized bursts of sublime energy, King’s commanding solos manage to spearhead the band’s gargantuan sound without once crossing the line into overplaying. The musicians’ combination of precision and restraint along with their knack for melody writing gives In Relation To a distinct, beguiling quality.

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