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12 Vivaldi Anna MariaVivaldi Concerti per violino XI ‘Per Anna Maria’
Fabio Bondi; Europa Galante
naïve OP 7368 (


Vivaldi: Allegro from Violin Concerto RV 229 - Listen on Spotify

Vivaldi: Largo from Violin Concerto RV 207 - Listen on Spotify


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The Vivaldi Edition, the ambitious project to record all of the music in Vivaldi’s personal collection of autograph manuscripts now in the Italian National Library in Turin reaches volume 71 and volume 11 of the violin series with Vivaldi Concerti per violino XI ‘Per Anna Maria’ with soloist Fabio Bondi leading Europa Galante (naïve OP 7368

Anna Maria (1696-1782) was the most famous instrumentalist at the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice during Vivaldi’s time there; her own personal repertory manuscript volume contains the solo violin line for 24 Vivaldi concertos, including five otherwise unknown, with alternative reliable sources needed for the complete parts. Of the six concertos here three – in D Major RV207, D Major R229 and E-flat Major RV261 – are preserved in Turin, and two – in E-flat Major RV260 and B-flat Major RV363 “Il corneto da posta” – in Dresden. The Concerto in C Major RV179a is reconstructed from Anna Maria’s volume.

Performances are beautifully judged throughout the disc.

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