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11 Suite TangoDenis Plante – Suite Tango
Stéphane Tétreault; Denis Plante
ATMA ACD2 2881 (


Suite Tango: Suite No. 1, “Argentina”: I. Preludio - Listen on Spotify

Suite Tango: Suite No. 1, “Argentina”: II. Silbando - Listen on Spotify

Suite Tango: Suite No. 2, “Bach to tango”: IV. Milonga-cayengue - Listen on Spotify


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Bandoneonist/composer Denis Plante was inspired by J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites which feature such dances as courante, gigue and sarabande to compose Suite Tango, six multi-movement dance suites for bandoneon and cello. Plante is joined by Stéphane Tétreault here. These two multi award-winning musicians play the mesmerizing unique sounds with compassion.

Baroque meets modern day Argentinian dance music head on! Suite No.1, “Argentina” is a perfect introduction to Plante’s compositions here. First movement Preludio, with its slow emotional rubato opening, creates the mood, with a gradual accelerando into instrumental conversational tango styles. Lyrical slower bandoneon opens Silbando, with legato cello contrapuntal countermelodies, plucked cello and lower-pitch bandoneon solo adding different colours. The third movement Tango is so very melodically rooted in this dance-form style, highlighted by cello melodies accompanied by accented bandoneon chords and single notes, then shifting to bandoneon melodies with cello accents. The opening movement Coral of Suite No.2 “Bach to tango” features a Baroque/tango-flavoured bandoneon to a closing Bach-like cadence. The solo cello is memorable in the short 49-second Recitativo second movement. The Baroque-coloured tonal duet features subtle tango feelings in Canto. Back to an exuberant lively short tango in the fourth movement Milonga-cayengue. Four exciting multi-movement suites follow. 

Plante composes with Bach and tango-flavoured styles combined, alone and developed into compelling new sounds. Both performers play with colourful rich tones, and virtuosic stylistic/instrumental expertise. It’s time to listen and/or to dance to Suite Tango!

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