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05 Hindemith violinHindemith Complete Works for Violin & Piano
Roman Mints; Alexander Kobrin
Quartz QTZ 2132 (


Sonata for Violin & Piano in E Flat, Op.11 No.1, I Frisch

Sonata for Viola D’Amore & Piano, “Kleine Sonate”, Op.25 No.2, I Mäßig schnell. Lustig

Sonata for Violin & Piano in C, III Fuge. Ruhig bewegt


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On Hindemith Complete Works for Violin & Piano violinist Roman Mints and pianist Alexander Kobrin give quite superb performances of the four violin sonatas – in E-flat Op.11 No.1 and in D Op.11 No.2 (1918), in E (1935) and in C (1938) – together with the Trauermusik from 1936, the Meditation from the ballet Nobilissima Visione (1938) and the Sonata for Viola d’amore and Piano, “Kleine Sonate” Op.25 No.2 from 1922 (Quartz QTZ 2132

Mints in particular plays with tremendous strength, power and brilliance in music that clearly has special meaning for him. The Sonata in D was “the first window into contemporary music” for the 13-year-old Mints; later Hindemith was his ”window into Romantic music” and the composer continues to hold a special place in Mints’ heart. It’s certainly difficult to imagine better performances of these fascinating works.

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