Webspinning is something we are all doing more of these days – in more ways than one – as our lives and livelihoods get swallowed up by that mother of all webs, the internet.


Of course the best way to spin a web, as any spider can tell you, is to begin from a solid platform of one kind or another, and spin out single threads one at a time. At first these threads are almost invisible, but eventually they become something tangible and strong.


The “solid platform” idea is not one that is universally appreciated these days, in the lemming-like rush of many magazines to abandon print. Not so here at The WholeNote. More than ever it is important to offerpeople the incentive to get out and about, whether it be to pick up a copy of a favourite magazine, or to sit in a room, small or large, with real people, listening to live music.


That being said, we too are diligently spinning away! Here are just some of the threads we’ve spun off from our print magazine to the internet this month. (This content is all available online, at www.thewholenote.com.)


We have two more “beat” columns on our website. The first is a discussion by our regular music-theatre writer, Terry Robbins, about the advance of “canned” or electronically generated music in Broadway musicals, and its implications for singers, instrumental musicians and show producers. The second is a timely commentary by Jack MacQuarrie, who usually writes about community bands, on national anthems – in particular, on the complex history of O Canada.


One thread at a time, a constant quiet shuttle, connections between our print magazine and our website continue to grow. For example, this month, in our book-review column, “Book Shelf,” you’ll find two reviews, and a third that begins in the magazine but is continued online. Similarly, you’ll find more CD reviews in our online version of “DISCoveries” than you’ll find in print.


We hope our own web spinning will encourage curious readers to visit our website, where you’ll find more and different content, and better tools with which to search and enjoy that content.



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