July to October, 2021
Hamilton, ON

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Something Else! FestivalThe eighth iteration of our annual Something Else! Festival will resemble last year's festival - in pieces, outdoors, again, but spread over an even wider timeline. Depending on the status of public health concerns, we plan on presenting once per week to once every other week, one to six acts, over one to three events per day. Our festival and music series will be spread across a handful to a dozen or so Saturdays at the luscious Bayfront Park, while our Composite Arts Series, “Watch it Burn!” will be slotted one Thursday per month at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Hopefully, starting no later than late July, the following Southern Ontario and Canadian artists should grace our stages: Eve Egoyan (plays Erik Satie), Silvervest, Eyevin Trio, Togetherness!, Lina Allemano 4, Brass Knuckle Sandwich, Chimera, So Long 7, See Through 4, plus many more.


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