September 11 to 15
Guelph, ON

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Guelph Jazz FestivalThe 2019 Guelph Jazz Festival features world-class creative, improvised music in ticketed and free concerts in a lively community setting. Highlights of this year’s program include Jen Shyu, Nine Doors; Tomas Fujiwara’s 7 Poets Trio; Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey and Hank Roberts; Brodie West Quintet; Erwan Keravec solo and duo with Hamid Drake; NAIL: Lori Freedman, Nicolas Caloia, Ab Baars and Ig Henneman; Karuna: Hamid Drake and Adam Rudolph Duet; Paula Shocron, Guillermo Gregorio and Pablo Díaz; Susan Alcorn; John Kameel Farah; Chik White; The Titillators; Malcolm Goldstein and Rainer Wiens; Atlas Revolt; Way North. Additionally, the festival’s free colloquium features artist talks, keynotes, panel discussions, interviews, and other complementary programming. Tickets and passes on sale July 2.


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