I am music director of the Canadian Opera Company. 

Since COVID-19 hit, as all performing artists I have had to let go the possibility of performing live. I miss this irreplaceable experience. I miss the magic when the lights go down and the curtain rises. I miss the symbiotical flow of energy between us performers and our audiences, and yes I even miss the stress of preparation before.

Let's hope sometime soon we will be able to open the doors to our performance venues again - to enjoy together the magic of sound embracing and surrounding us, evoking our deep emotions. In the meanwhile, I study scores, play the piano, clean up the kitchen - in no particular order.

People wanting  to stay in touch with me can do so via Twitter @johannesdebus. You'll also want to keep checking the COC's various social platforms (@canadianopera on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). They've been showcasing a series of past COC productions and newly-taped at-home performances under the hashtag #OperaAtHome, but soon you'll be seeing many new digital offerings and interactive opportunities, some of which I will be filming with the team. You'll have to stay tuned to see more!

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