Ori Dagan photo by Peter NguyenJazz singer-songwriter. 

I had a tour planned in Quebec for April, with my “Talent & Soul: 100 Years of Nat King Cole” concert booked in Pointe-Claire, Montreal and Quebec City, as well as my first European showcase planned for June. Everything is in the process of being rescheduled for 2021.

In the meantime I have taken to a weekly live streaming show from my Facebook page. I started in late March and have been keeping it going every Thursday at 7pm EST. While I miss the Toronto clubs and the inspiring musicians that I have been so blessed to work with, this series has been a very positive experience. Each week is a tribute to a different artist – I started on Sarah Vaughan’s birthday, March 27, taking some requests along the way. For Jazz Appreciation month I continued with Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae, Sinatra, Ella, Nat King Cole and April 30 being International Jazz Day will be all by request. This series has given me an opportunity to connect with jazz lovers from far and wide; it has also been a kick in my behind to get my piano chops up to snuff. It’s free to view from any device, though tips are greatly appreciated. I’m really looking forward to being on a real stage again but I’m beyond grateful to be able to still connect with an audience.

I’ve been staying in touch with folks via social media: my Instagram, facebook, twitter and YouTube handles are all @oridaganjazz. Folks can also sign up for my monthly newsletter at my website: www.oridagan.com

Map pin? These days, my living room!

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