Christina Petrowska Quilico head shot by Tim Leyes 70 I am a concert pianist and a full professor of Piano Performance and Musicology at York University. I am speaking for myself.

What’s been taken away from me most at this moment is peace of mind and family vacations. I had been planning to take some time away from work and piano to spend time with my family and go on vacation. I had booked time away from professional concerts and work to do so.

Instead, except for FaceTime and Skype, I will be home isolated and learning new repertoire (four concertos for future performances and recordings, and music for a solo CD recording and performance) after I finish grading and adjudicating two music competitions online.  I will also be preparing PowerPoint lectures for online teaching in the fall.

You can always find me at York University email. Check the Faculty profiles or on my website and my channel on YouTube. I am always adding new videos of performances.

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