Linda Litwack Portrait by Veronica Kvassetskaia TsyglanI’m an arts publicist specializing in classical music, speaking here for myself (something I don’t often get to do!).

Since  COVID-19 hit, I have had to let go of publicizing three of five May events on my calendar because they have been cancelled outright. The other two of those May events have been postponed till the fall: the Upper Canada Choristers’ concert Inti Ukana: A Latin American Tapestry, has been rescheduled to October; and the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists is rescheduling its performance of Ten Singing Stars: The New Generation till the fall as well.  The biggest of the cancelled events will take place in 2021, we hope as originally programmed for 2020.

 At the moment, the basic publicity materials are prepared for when the world is ready to roll. We will just have to change the date and update any other info that might have been revised. Meanwhile, I am doing some writing and editing for a couple of clients and dealing with other personal projects that have been put on the back burner for years – like cleaning up my office!

I’m at, and am on Facebook and Twitter.

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