edwin huizingaI am an artistic director, violinist, baroque violinist, experimentalist, and producer. I am speaking for myself, as myself, in the time of Corona. 

Of all the things I had planned, I have completely let go of performing live. I have had over 30 concerts cancelled, including a short tour, as well as multiple summer festivals, big and small. It is absolutely amazing how much I miss the opportunity to share with others, to feel the excitement and energy in a room full of people - there is absolutely NOTHING like it. 

Performing will be a thrill, and something I will jump at the chance to do once the situation allows. If it starts with the allowance of parties coming together in groups of 10 or less, I will begin by performing concerts for 10 people, Just think, I might even sell out my first concert after Corona! 

Instead of performing live right now, I’m looking inside, and discovering and noticing what I really really want to do, and to share in the future. I am also learning a ton about recording - have set up a personal recording studio, and I am even learning the basics of video. Things that we have to do all on our own at the moment to stay safe, and follow the protocols of distancing.  I am also teaching online, sending out words of encouragement to my staff, colleagues, and friends. I am also working hard with my festival to find alternative scenarios to concerts that have already been postponed, to outreach, to youth programs, all of which may or may not be in peril of having to be completely restructured and organized to be able to follow the rules and guidelines of today's world. I am also having fantastic meetings with fellow directors and composers and colleagues about things we can help each other with, and also reading a ton, and hiking - so much more hiking!!!! 

As far as getting ready for the time when I can perform? Well, I’m practising and recording so much, I think I’m going to have enough recital materials for multiple tours anywhere where people are willing to listen! 

The best way to get in touch is just send a message, tweet, gram, book, email, and even snail mail me - I’m happy to chat, discuss, and share my music. It’s a lonely world - and now some of us are forced to really really recognize and appreciate the need for community, the need for friendships, gatherings, and above all, well for me anyways, HUGS!!! 

I’m pinning myself, on this map to N0B 2J0 - Puslinch, where I grew up, my home for the first 18 years of my life, and where I hope one day, I can start a music school, a festival for the ages, a concert series, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

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