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Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan 2023Toronto-based Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan is a collective of professional musicians.

Toronto-based Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan (ECCG) is a collective of professional Canadian musicians. Its mission: to develop repertoire and a hybrid performance practice on a high artistic level on its own gamelan degung, an orchestra of tuned bronze percussion, flute, zither and drums indigenous to West Java, Indonesia. ECCG commissions new works and tours nationally and internationally. A key aspect of its mission is fostering intercultural musical connections through performances with Indonesian artists. Now entering its 40th season, ECCG became the first Canadian group dedicated to performing on gamelan in 1983. To date, it has commissioned over 200 works, toured internationally and is featured on over 15 commercial albums.

The group’s active repertoire includes arrangements of Indonesian songs and instrumentals, as well as boundary-pushing new works for degung and works, which include guest artists, dance, theatre and various media. Renowned Indonesian, Canadian, American and European composers such as John Cage, Lou Harrison, Linda Bouchard, Gilles Tremblay, Allison Cameron, Walter Boudreau, Linda C. Smith, Dieter Mack and Ana Sokolović have had works premièred by ECCG.

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