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Canadian Bandurist CapellaCanadian Bandurist Capella is one of the premiere bandura ensembles in North America. The group showcases powerful male voices accompanied by the rich sound of the bandura, the 55-or-more-string national instrument of Ukraine. The CBC is committed to advancing and exploring new possibilities with choral-bandura music, while honouring the instrument’s deep history. By expressing traditional music through modern, dynamic arrangements, the Canadian Bandurist Capella provides a unique listening experience that raises the profile of the bandura and Ukrainian song in the Ukrainian-Canadian community and beyond.

The mission of the Canadian Bandurist Capella is to explore the full potential and versatility of the modern bandura within a male choral ensemble, to bring together individuals who are committed to advancing choral-bandura music while respecting its rich history, and to promote and popularise the bandura within the Ukrainian-Canadian community and beyond by maintaining high standards of artistry, musicianship, and performance.

Canadian Bandurist Capella Inc. is an Ontario registered non-profit corporation with a charitable status. Our charitable number is: 885173500RR0001.

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