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Apocryphonia 2023Apocryphonia ventures beyond the standard fare of traditional Canadian classical music programming to reveal the beautiful, the lost, and the rare. Its mission: to seek out and share hidden and obscure musical masterpieces; whether they are from composers you may not already know, or are rare works by familiar names. With an emphasis on providing accessible and affordable access to classical music and showcasing local Canadian performers, Apocryphonia’s concerts provide both listeners and musicians the chance to discover their new favourite pieces by their new favourite composers.

The upcoming season's highlights include: an Argentinian and Azerbaijani double-feature showcasing Alberto Ginastera's Las horas de una Estancia and the Canadian Premiere of Fikret Amirov's Romantic Sonata, the Canadian Premiere of Delphine Ugalde's 1873 gender-defying comic opera, Seule, Italian madrigals and Hebrew motets by Salamone Rossi, and a holiday concert of Renaissance carols.

Founded just last year, Apocryphonia’s inaugural five-concert season included eight Canadian Concert premieres — spanning from 16th Century motets by Vicente Lusitano to 20th Century Canadian art songs by John Mais Capel.

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