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Linda Litwack PublicityHaving begun her career as a summer reporter on the Winnipeg Tribune, arts publicist Linda Litwack is a long-practised matchmaker between artists and the media. Her services include various forms of writing and editing - from media releases and bios to radio spots, online postings and CD booklets - working with designers, photographers and other professionals, and, of course, liaising with the media.

In addition to media, music and other contact lists, she maintains a list of friends, usually offering discounts for special events. Since leaving CBC publicity (20 years in radio and three in TV), she has collaborated with numerous creative people on intriguing projects, mostly in classical music but also in theatre, TV documentaries, books and the visual arts. Longtime clients have included Show One Productions, pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico, and the Upper Canada Choristers. Linda chaired the Program Committee of the historic Toronto Jewish Folk Choir for a number of years and ran the choir in its final seasons. She is also a board member of the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists.

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