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International Resource Centre for Performing ArtistsThe International Resource Centre for Performing Artists (IRCPA) is a service organization for musicians providing resources needed to bridge the gap between training and employment by encounters with nationally and internationally experienced artists keeping skills sharpened while providing savvy information about the industry, how it currently functions. and who's who in the business. Resources are also offered for mid-career artists who may need to change direction. Membership is without cost. Sign-up forms are on our website. Paid public performances are live-streamed and can be used as auditions.

The IRCPA continues to advocate for a new Centre for Musicians with practice/rehearsal studios, meeting rooms, recording studio, performance venues, office space for arts organizations such as the IRCPA. Affordable residential building for the music community is also needed in perpetuity. A community centre, for all genres of musical artists with shops, cafe/restaurant. We welcome volunteers to help with this initiative for a new centre for musicians to meet, exchange ideas, create and collaborate. A great opportunity for artists to live, work, create and perform together.

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