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Borealis Big BandThe Borealis Big Band idea was created in the summer of 2017 with our first rehearsals in September 2017 alternating between the Chartwell Park Place Retirement Residence and the Chartwell Hollandview Trail Retirement Residence, both located in Aurora. Thanks to our friends at both these Chartwell locations for your ongoing hospitality.

As the Borealis name suggests, the new band has a very close association with the Town of Aurora, as the five original founders live in or close to Aurora. However, we are especially proud that we have participation from musicians from throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The Borealis Big Band was set up to provide an opportunity for band members to play challenging music in a wide variety of big band jazz styles including: swing, funk, smooth, and Latin/Cuban, and play it to the highest quality possible, with lots of room for improvisation for all those members interested. In our opinion, the best bands are entertaining because the musicians in the band work hard to be the best they can and everyone in the band loves to perform every time they pick up their instrument. The promise we make is that our performance will always be fun for everyone involved and for everyone watching and listening.

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