Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University - London, ON
July 3 to 14, 2023

Contact: Kim Eyre
Deadline: June 26, 2023
Cost: Regular ($795); Additional Qualifications Registration ($1005)
Day Program - 8AM to 4:15PM weekdays (until 2PM final day)

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Kodaly Certification Program Levels I and IIIn this two-week intensive program, participants will strengthen their personal musicianship and pedagogical skills, with content grounded in a contemporary understanding of the philosophy inspired by Zoltán Kodály. Participants will engage in supportive musically educative opportunities through singing, reading, writing, moving and creating to build personal skills and knowledge to assist in classroom music teaching and learning.

Primary Junior Vocal Music Part 1 Additional Qualification (AQ) available at the Faculty of Education, Western University. Candidates will complete Kodály Level I onsite and an additional two weeks online.

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