11 BIKEncertoReynaliz Herrera – BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra
Reynaliz Herrera; Ideas, Not Theories
Ideas, Not Theories (reynalizherrera.bandcamp.com)

Boston-based, Mexico-born Reynaliz Herrera is a talented, award-winning musician, percussionist, performer, composer, educator and bicycle performer. Graduating from Boston Conservatory in 2012, she continued exploring the bicycle as a musical instrument by performing and composing for it. In 2012 Herrera founded Ideas, Not Theories, a theatrical percussion company/chamber ensemble for which she is director, composer, scriptwriter, lead performer and producer. This experimental ensemble focuses on her original music for bicycles and other unconventional instruments, having performed in festivals in the US, Canada, Mexico and Barbados. 

Herrera’s debut release is the four movement BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra. Each movement highlights a specific bicycle sound as Herrera reconciles her classical background with her musical bicycle sounds, strings and winds orchestra. I. Everything showcases different bike sounds with a classical orchestral beginning with alternating strings and winds. Virtuosic solo bike melodic and percussive tapping and drum-like rolls ground the tempo while showing off Herrera’s musicianship. II. Spokes Movement has her melodic “Spokes Keyboard,” tuned rods add playful sounds. III. Metallic Movement has faster atonal brilliantly performed orchestral lines and complementary atonal metallic bike lines and rolls. Two-part IV. Tires Movement features Reynaliz’s “Tires Keyboard” in Brazilian Samba inspired sounds. Part 2 features orchestral wide-pitch lines, exciting higher cymbal-like bike sounds to closing dance-along bike solo, then orchestra to a short percussive ending.

Herrera’s exuberant music successfully incorporates musical styles like classical, atonal, minimalistic and pop/rock. Uplifting fun listening for all ages, regardless of personal musical preferences.

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