01_irene_atmanNew York Rendezvous             

Irene Atman             

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The first thing that strikes you when you hear Irene Atman sing for the first time is that she's apparently spent a lot of hours listening to Barbra Streisand. Fortunately for those of us who aren't huge Streisand fans, she's emulated the good stuff – excellent control, pitch and a big range – and discarded the tendency to turn every tune into a three-act opera. Toronto-born but now New York-based, Atman gives the impression of someone who has been around the block a few times – in a good way. Listening to “New York Rendezvous” you feel you're in the hands of a complete pro. Her bandmates add to that experience as piano player Frank Kimbrough, Jay Anderson on bass and Matt Wilson on drums assuredly make their way through this collection of late era standards. Songs like Taking a Chance on Love and Time After Time are light, swingy treats, but Atman is at her best on the ballads such as Why Did I Choose You and Alfie as she beautifully conveys the sentiments of the songs without tilting over into schmaltz.


Concert Note: Atman teams up with Guido Basso and other Toronto jazz luminaries for a CD release event at Jane Mallett Theatre on April 16.

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Author: Cathy Riches
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