Major Web Reno Under Way

Major Web reno under way

“…to serve you better” as the airports say

Welcome to and a word of caution as you proceed. As you’ll see, we’re in the process of renovation – going from an old html-driven clunker of a website – served us well for eleven years! – to something better suited to today’s realities and tomorrow’s hopes.

The pace of renovation is going to be uneven.

On the right side menu, you can still download the current issue of the magazine

Our DISTRIBUTION LOCATOR gives you instant access, by postal code, to over 1000 locations where the MAGAZINE can be obtained FREE OF CHARGE.

Under NEWS ROOM you’ll find feature stories, interviews, and regular columns about upcoming events, and people or issues affecting the live classical and post-classical music scene.

Under LISTINGS you’ll still find our ONGOING CALENDAR of live classical and post-classical MUSICAL EVENTS, in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and Many Places Beyond.

And WHOLENOTE DISCOVERIES continues to offer reviews and regular columns on recordings and books arising from and affecting all areas of WholeNote’s musical interest.

All this, and more, even before the dust settles!.

Please report rough spots you encounter during the reno. You may also, if you wish, register on the right to receive updates as the renovated areas of the site are re-opened. Sorry for any inconveniences! And meanwhile, enjoy the essentials!

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