Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity Square, Toronto, ON
May to November

Anny Fyreagle
Deadline: May 26
Cost: $1,499
Residential program

Making WavesMaking Waves is a musical improvisation skill building program for CircleSinging. Making stuff up can be intimidating if you are a professional or amateur. This 9-session program, taught by Anny Fyreagle over 5 months which includes 4 masterclasses with Judi Vinar, David Worm, Joey Blake and Rhiannon of Gimme5 with Bobby McFerrin, will build confidence in your musical palette, where to draw your inspiration from and how to make choices. If you are a musician, songwriter, producer or just want to learn how to build songs in community or on your own, Making Waves will give you the skills to confidently join in the river of song. We end giving our song to the moment in a final concert.

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