The Canadian Arabic Orchestra is a nonprofit organization committed to reviving fine Arabic music, and to promoting multicultural understanding in Canada.
In addition to performing and presenting fine Arabic music, the CAO is committed to building bridges, and presenting music and art of different cultural backgrounds on stage. Past productions included a concert of Indigenous and Arabic music “Origins,” presented at the Aga Khan museum and Stratford Summer Music Festival; “Jazzy Arabia,” and “Flamenco Arabia.”
In 2017, we launched the inaugural Festival of Arabic Music and Arts in Ontario, over two weeks an array of local and international artists performed to more than 7000 spectators in the GTA and beyond; FAMA 2018 and consecutive editions will continue to grow and bring the best of Arabic & other cultural music to Ontario.
In addition to an active board of directors, the CAO continues to build an impressive board of advisers which includes Member of Parliament, the Honourable Marwan Tabbara, George Sawa, professor of music at the University of Toronto, and John Miller, the former music director of Stratford Summer Music Festival, among others.

Omar Najjar

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