Sharing our love of making music

At the BCC, we love to sing! Our choirs have earned numerous first place awards in 2018, including local and national first place awards. Our team of music professionals teach the rudiments of music theory plus provide small-group sight-singing instruction each week as part of our comprehensive choral training program. Participants work together and reach for their very best as a team, delivering beautiful performances to appreciative audiences.
Founded in 1987, the BCC is an organization of choirs with singers aged four through university age: Kinder Choir offers a play-based introduction to singing with former Polka-Dot Door host, Carrie Loring; Prep Choir is a choir for young singers in grade 1, based on games, musical rudiments, and performing as a choir; Choir I, II, & III are our nationally recognized treble choirs, ranging from beginner to skilled musicians, for choristers in grades two to 11.
All choirs rehearse weekly in Scarborough. Our Youth Choir meets near Chester Station (see BCYC listing).

Charissa Bagan, artistic director
Eleanor Daley, accompanist
Jane Greenwood, administrative director


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