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The WholeNote is pleased to publish free listings for live performances of classical, "new classical," opera, music theatre, early, jazz, folk, choral and world musics throughout Southern Ontario.

Listings should be sent to, or by fax to 416-603-4791. Please note that the deadline for submissions is the 8th day of the month preceding publication. (For example, the deadline for the November magazine is October 8th.)

Concert Listings in The WholeNote follow a standardized structure, and are constructed from specific items of information. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are essential; other items are optional. Please use this format when providing listings to The WholeNote.

Listings format

1] *Date(s) of concert:

2] *Time(s) of concert:

3] *Name of presenter:

4] Title of concert:

5] Music performed (maximum of five pieces of repertoire will be listed):

6] Performers, including instruments and voice-types (maximum of five performers will be listed):

7] *Venue:

8] *Address of venue:

9] *Phone number (for concert/ticket information):

10] *Single ticket price(s):

11] Charity/cause promoted:

12] Special notes:

Explanatory Notes

1] Please indicate all dates on which a concert programme or show is being presented.

2] Please indicate the starting times for all performances listed in Item 1. (Do not indicate when "doors open," but when the performance actually begins.)

3] The "Presenter" is the person or organization who is responsible for the concert taking place. (The Presenter is not necessarily the same as the Venue.)

4] Provide a short, descriptive title for the concert.

5] There are three formats in which this information may be provided. Classical presenters should indicate each composer (surname) programmed, followed by title of work (maximum of five). Alternately, presenters may simply say "works by," and list composers (maximum of five). For jazz, world music and other events that are not suited to the above formats, presenters may offer a 10-word description of the event (subject to editing by The WholeNote staff).

6] List performing ensembles, soloists, accompanists, conductors (maximum of five). For classical concerts, please indicate the voice-types of singers. For opera, please list both the voice-types and the roles for each singer. (For other genres, the designation "vocals" or "voice" is sufficient.)

7] "Venue" is the hall, theatre, or any other place where concert is performed.

8] The WholeNote requires a complete street address for all listings. Outside the City of Toronto, include name of town.

9] The WholeNote requires a phone number that the public may call for ticket prices and other information about the event.

10] Please list single adult ticket price, followed by students, seniors, advance purchase, and any other price options. Do not include subscription prices, or special discounts not available to the general public.

11] Indicate any charity or cause that will receive ticket-proceeds, or benefit in some way from this event.

12] "Special notes" includes such things as pre-concert chats, or refreshments included in the ticket price.


The following are examples of correctly formatted listings, as they might appear in The WholeNote.

— 8:00: Fine Art Symphony Orchestra. Classical Vienna. Mozart: Overture to The Marriage of Figaro; Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in c; Schubert: Symphony No. 8 in b ("Unfinished"). John Doe, conductor; Richard Roe, piano. Grand Theatre of Toronto, 123 Main St. 555-123-4321. $25; $15(sr/st). 7:30: Pre-concert chat.

— 8:00: Toronto Finnish Gospel Choir. Soul of the Sauna. Works by Abel, Baker & Charles. Karlheinz Lederhosen, conductor; guest: Lotte Heinotz, soprano. Helsinki Southern Gospel Church, 456 King St. 555-456-7654. $10.

— 11:00pm: Anarchist Music Society. Sounds from Oblivion. Improvised punk-rock twelve-tone fusion. Ensemble of Doom. Bandshell, Smith Park, 789 North St. 555-789-0987. Free.


Inquiries regarding this form: 416-323-2232 x29

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