Searching the Choral Canary Pages

The Choral Canary Pages can be searched by clicking the following links. We have split the Canaries into 8 categories, as seen below.  When a link (below) is selected, you will be taken to the page of search results for that category.  Click any link on that page to see that choir's information.

Type of Member

Auditioned or Not

Rehearsal Day

Men's Choir

Women's Choir

Boys Choir

Girls Choir

Youth Male Choir

Youth Female Choir


not auditioned

Sunday rehearsals

Monday rehearsals

Tuesday rehearsals

Wednesday rehearsals

Thursday rehearsals

Friday rehearsals

Saturday rehearsals

No Regular rehearsals

Religious Choir

Number of Members

Are Members Paid?

religious services yes

religious services no



under 25 members

25-50 members

51-100 members

over 100 members

all paid

some paid

none paid




Number of Performances per Year

1-4 performances per year

5-10 performances per year

11-20 performances per year

over 20 performances per year

Rehearsal Zone (See Map for Zone Border)

In The GTA

rehearsals in All of Zone 1

rehearsals in Z1c

rehearsals in Z1e

rehearsals in Z1n

rehearsals in Z1w


Beyond the GTA

rehearsals in Z2

rehearsals in Z3

rehearsals in Z4

rehearsals in Z5

rehearsals in Z6

rehearsals in Z7

rehearsals in Z8




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