JUNE’s Child…

Is Four Years Old!

2009-2010 will be Music’s Children’s fifth season celebrating remarkable lives in music! In the July/August double issue we’ll have a special retrospective quiz for you!

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APRIL’s Child…


Don’t be fooled by those dainty fingers at rest. They were already playing the Haydn Concerto with the Royal Conservatory Orchestra. Studying at Juilliard, she played her Town Hall debut in NYC at 14, after sharing first prize in the High School of the Performing Arts Concerto Competition with Murray Perahia; and then impressing the likes of composers Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti and Pierre Boulez. (photo: circa 1958, taken in Ottawa.)

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What was your first ever choral experience?


My earliest choral memories: singing in the May Festivals that were held in Brantford, Ontario, where I grew up, and run by Frank Holton for selected singers from elementary schools. We all had to wear white dresses and we felt so important. These were tremendous experiences. My grandmother, Florence Drake, was a huge musical influence in my life: we spent weekends at her house, listened to great choral music on Sunday mornings on CBC radio before church. She was also my first choral director!

Karen Burke     photo: roswell anderson
Karen Burke photo: roswell anderson

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