Choirs Ontario offers a range of programs and resources, as well as networking and professional development opportunities, which help members build capacity, develop leadership and grow and diversify their audiences. Our goal is to raise the profile and quality of choral music, support the choral community, and educate the next generation of choral artists and audiences. The organization celebrates the achievements of choral music and promotes public awareness of the art form through several awards and competitions, including the President’s Leadership Award and the Ruth Watson Henderson Choral Composition Competition. These awards are designed to recognize the accomplishments of individuals who have contributed to Ontario’s choral music through conducting, composition, and community leadership.
Choirs Ontario, formerly the Ontario Choral Federation, was established in 1971 to promote, support and celebrate choral music across the province. The same year, Ontario Youth Choir, a summer intensive choral training program for youth was launched. In 2014, Sing Ontario, an annual choral festival for community choirs, and Choirs Ontario on the Road, workshop series in regions across the province, were launched. To this day, Ontario Youth Choir continues to be our most successful and longest-running program.

Elena Koneva

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