ConfluenceConfluence is a new interdisciplinary, cross-cultural multimedia project that continues the warm and wide-ranging programming of Toronto Masque Theatre with many new twists.
Confluence – “an act or process of merging” – will be a company of diverse creative artists dedicated to intimate, thought-provoking, entertaining and moving presentations with a focus on:

• Cabarets curated by a wide cross-section of Toronto’s leading musicians;
• Anniversary programs celebrating important figures in music;
• Salons and lectures on a wide variety of musical topics;
• Commissions of new works by Canadian creative artists;
• Special programs of rarely-performed sacred and spiritual music;
• The launch of a new podcast series, entitled “Confluence: The Podcast” on and about music to be housed on the brand-new Confluence website (activated on September 16).

Artistic producer Larry Beckwith has been ably assisted in planning this new mandate by a whole host of outstanding and diverse figures from Toronto’s amazing music scene. The launch of Confluence was on Sunday, September 16, featuring performances by Suba Sankaran, Andrew Forde, Cole Alvis, Patricia O’Callaghan and many more. The season continues with five more programs.

Larry Beckwith


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