Gallery 345Now in its 11th year, Gallery 345 is one of the finest piano and chamber music salons in Toronto. I have staged over 565 performances in the past ten years, ranging from intimate solo piano concerts to 20-piece jazz bands. The gallery is known for its great acoustics. It has been my great pleasure over the years to present so many performers in a wide variety of musical genres. There is nothing like being in the room where the music is played.
The gallery’s focus is solo piano, classical, jazz, art song, improvisation and contemporary classical performance. Weekends book first, so think about booking Sunday-Thursday. Rental fees are very reasonable. I always want to get the music heard. All performance is performer-driven. The performer needs to get the word out to family and friends to help bring in an audience. While I do what I can to promote events, it is up to the performers to advertise and promote their events.
All events are posted on my website:, on Facebook and in The WholeNote magazine and other social media.
Gallery 345 is also an excellent event space to rent for private parties, weddings, photoshoots, recording sessions, fundraisers, CD launches, cinema, book and poetry readings and more. The gallery is a 2500 SF hard loft with 13’ ceilings, a PA system, video projector, two washrooms, prep kitchen, outside patio and seats 120. The beautiful 9’ concert grand Baldwin is always ready.

Edward Epstein


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