In The Clubs: Mostly Jazz - June 2014

80 Gladstone

80 Gladstone Ave. (full schedule)

June 14 7:30pm Les Petits Nouveaux: Aline Homzy (violin), Andy Mac (guitar), Tak Arikushi (guitar) $15/$10(st). June 29 7:30pm Rob Mosher’s Polebridge $10.


2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865

Every Mon 8pm Salsa Night w/ Frank Bischun and free lessons. Every Tue 8:30pm Bachata Night w/ DJ Frank Bischun and free lessons. Every Wed 8:30pm Carlo Berardinucci Band. No Cover. Every Thu 9pm Soul and R&B (bands alternate weekly). Every Fri/Sat 9:30pmFunk, Soul, R&B, Top 40. $10.

Annette Studios

 566 Annette St. 647-880-8378

Every Mon 9:30pm Jazz Jam w/ Nick Morgan Quartet. Suggested donation $12/$9(st).

Artword Artbar

15 Colbourne St., Hamilton.905-543-8512 (full schedule)

June 4 8pm Jazz with the Abigail Neale Quartet: Abigail Neale (sax), Chris Bruder (piano), Tom Altobelli (bass), Luke Paron (drums) $5/PWYC. June 5 7:30pm Karnay Gypsy Trio: Steve Karnay (piano), Charlie Bodo (violin), Gene Ruzsa (violin) $5. June 6 8pm Jazz Double Bill: Kite Trio: Eric Couture (guitar), Paul Van Dyk (bass), Eric Dew (drums) + Sean Dowhaniuk Group: Sean Dowhaniuk (guitar), Riley Keller (sax), Josh Smiley (piano), Ethan Tilbury (bass), Mike Rajna (drums) $10. June 7 8pm An Intimate Evening of Song With Shari Vandermolen: Shari Vandermolen (vocals), Steve McCrae (piano), Clark Johnston (bass) $15/$10(st). June 13 8pm Art Crawl: Beg to Differ Trio: Tim Ninehouse (keys, vocals), Doug Sikma (guitar), Steve Foster (drums) No cover/PWYC. June 19 8pm Dan Walsh with guitar and songs $10. June 28 8pm Jazz with the Abigail Neale Quintet $5/PWYC.

Axis Gallery and Grill

3048 Dundas St. W 416-604-3333

All shows: No cover/PWYC

June 7 9pm Sandra Bouza & Redbrick. June 14 9pm Junction City All Stars. June 21 12-3pm Summer Solstice Festival: Julian Faust 4-7pm TBA 8-11pm Summer Solstice Festival: Sintruckers.


2315 Bloor St. W. 416-767-1315

June 12 7pmSophia Perlman Trio: Sophia Perlman (vocals), Mark Kieswetter (piano), & Ross MacIntyre (bass) $35 (dinner & show). June 26 7pm Robi Botos Trio: Robi Botos (piano), Louis Botos (bass), Jozsef Botos (guitar) $45 (dinner & show).

Castro’s Lounge

2116e Queen St. E 416-699-8272

All shows: No cover/PWYC

Every Wed 6pm Fusion Jazz with the Mediterranean Stars. Every Sat 4:30pm Big Rude Jake. June 29 4pm Jazzforia.

C’est What

67 Front St. E (416) 867-9499 (full schedule)

June 7, 21 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers: Brian Towers (trombone), Janet Shaw (reeds), Jamie Macpherson (banjo), Andrej Saradin (trumpet), Reide Kaiser (piano), Gary Scriven (drums) No cover/PWYC. June 20 8pm The Happy Pals No Cover/PWYC.

Chalkers Pub, Billiards & Bistro

247 Marlee Ave. 416-789-2531

Every Wed 8pm to midnight Girls Night Out Jazz Jam w/ host Lisa Particelli. PWYC. June 7 6-9pm Fern Lindzon Trio: Fern Lindzon (piano & vocals), Michael McLennan (bass), & David French (sax) $10. June 14 6-9pm The Nancy Walker & Kirk MacDonald Duo: Nancy Walker (piano), & Kirk MacDonald (sax) $15/$10(st). June 21 6-9pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Lorne Lofsky Trio: Lorne Lofsky (guitar), Kieran Overs (bass), & Barry Romberg (drums) $20 from TicketWeb. June 22 1-5pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Handmade Guitar Showcase $10; 7-10pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Lisa Particelli’s Girls Night Out JAZZ All-Star Vocal Showcase $30 or $20 from TicketWeb. June 28 Toronto Jazz Festival: Dave Young: Dave Young (bass), Brian Chahley (trumpet), Gary Williamson (piano), & Terry Clarke (drums) $20 from TicketWeb; 9:30pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Robi Botos Jazz Funk Project & DJ Brendan Davis No Cover.

Classico Pizza & Pasta

2457 Bloor St. W 416-763-1313 (Full schedule)

June 1 5pm Stevie G. No cover/PWYC.


1079 St. Clair Ave. W 416-651-2109 (Full schedule)

Every Sun 11am-2pm Sunday Live Jazz Brunch hosted by Anthony Abbatangeli No Cover.

Dominion on Queen

500 Queen St. E 416-368-6893

Call for cover charge info.

June 5 The Community Soul Project. June 8 5pm James Anthony w/ Sweet Claudette & Dale Robinson. June 14 Don River Blues Band. June 19 6:30pm+10pm Sean Dobbins Detroit Organ Quartet; 9:30pm Harrison Kennedy. June 20 6pm Bruce Cassidy Quartet; 10pm Caribbean Jazz Connection w/ Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo Band. June 21 4pm Bruce Cassidy’s Hotfoot Orchestra; 9pm Que Isso? w/ Kyle McGyle. June 22 1pm York Jazz Ensemble; 5pm San Murata, Tony Quarrington, & Beverly Taft; 9pm Bruce Cassidy’s Mbaqanga South African Township Jazz. June 23 9pm Steven Cole Group June 24 8:30pm Hot Club of Corktown w/ Wayne Nakamura. June 25 8:30 Don Francks & Friends. June 26 6:30pm+8:30pm Ralphe Armstrong & The International Detroiters. June 27 7:30pm+10pm Partisans. June 28 4pm Beverly Taft’s Bossa Nova Project; 9pm Wintergarden Orchestra.

Emmet Ray, The

924 College St. 416-792-4497 (full schedule)

All shows: No Cover/PWYC

June 2 7pm Sam Dickinson Quartet; 9pm James Brown Trio. June 5 9pm Live Gypsy Swing: John Wayne Swingtet. June 9 7pm Lydia Persaud Quartet; 9pm John Russon. June 12 9pm Live Gypsy Swing: Bossa Tres. June 16 7pm Anthony Sczachor; 9pm STOP TIME. June 18 9pm Peter Boyd & Noah Zacharin. June 19 9pm Live Gypsy Swing: Vokura’s Violin. June 23 7pm Pram Trio; 9pm Harley Card Quintet. June 30 7pm LaRochelle-Homzy-Occhipinti-Downing; 9pm Anthony Fung.

Flying Beaver Pubaret, The

488 Parliament St. 647-347-6567 (full schedule)

June 27 9pm Alex Tait Trio: Alex Tait (vocals), Koji Hori (guitar), Charles James (bass) $10 advance/$15 door.

Gate 403

403 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-2930 All shows: PWYC.

June 1 5pm Jazzforia Featuring Claire Riley; 9pm Ashley St. Pierre Jazz Band. June 2 5pm Mike Daley Jazz Trio; 9pm Jeff LaRochelle Quartet. June 3 5pm Rob Davis Blues Duo; 9pm Danny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 4 5pm Little Sound Trio; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 5 5pm Roberta Hunt Jazz & Blues Band; 9pm Mélanie Brûlée’s Band. June 6 5pm Felix Wong Jazz Trio; 9pm Tevlin Swing Band. June 7 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Eliza Pope Jazz Band. June 8 5pm Joshua Goodman Jazz Band; 9pm Ben Young Jazz Duo. June 9 5pm Byung-Gul Jung Jazz Band; 9pm Howard Willett Blues Duo. June 10 5pm Dennis Schingh Solo; 9pm Danny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 11 5pm Michelle Rumball with Kevin Quain; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 12 5pm Mark Ucci Jazz Duo; 9pm Kevin Laliberté Jazz & Flamenco Trio. June 13 5pm Doc. Barrister Jazz Band; 9pm Denielle Bassels Jazz Band. June 14 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Sweet Derrick Blues Band. June 15 5pm Karl Silverira Jazz Trio; 9pm The Kilts – Play Celtic Blues. June 16 5pm Danny B. and Brian Gauci Blues Duo; 9pm Joe Amato Jazz Trio. June 17 5pm Chris Wallace Jazz Standards Quartet; 9pm Danny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 18 5pm Bruce Chapman Blues Duo; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 19 5pm The Kathleen Gorman Group; 9pm Tiffany Hanus Jazz Band. June 20 5pm Whitney Ross Barris Jazz Band; 9pm Fraser Melvin Blues Band. June 21 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Valeria Matzner and Sabor Latin Jazz Band. June 22 5pm Christopher Simmons Jazz Trio; 9pm Brownman Akoustic Trio. June 23 5pm Jazz Forge; 9pm Richard Whiteman Jazz Band. June 24 5pm Toby Hughes Jazz Band; 9pm Danny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 25 5pm Leigh Graham Jazz Duo; 9pm Mike Field Jazz Band. June 26 5pm Sam Broverman Jazz Duo; 9pm Cydni Carleton Jazz & Swing Band. June 27 5pm Joel Sheridan Jazz Band; 9pm Annie Bonsignore Jazz Duo or Trio. June 28 5pm G Street Jazz Trio; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 29 5pm Jeff Taylor and the SLT; 9pm Les Petits Nouveaux. June 30 5pm Andra Henderson Duo; 9pm Cheryl White Rhythm & Blues Band.

Grossman’s Tavern

379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000 (full schedule)

June 1 4:30-9pm New Orleans Connection All Star Jazz Band No cover/PWYC; 10pm-2am The National, Blues Jam With Brian Cober No cover/PWYC. June 2 10pm-2am NO BAND REQUIRED No Cover/PWYC. June 3 9:30pm-1:30am Ms. Debbie and the Don Valley Stompers No cover/PWYC. June 4 9:30pm-1:30am Bruce Domoney No cover/PWYC. June 10 8pm The 3rd Annual Amy Louie Grossman’s Music Scholarship $10.

Habits Gastropub

928 College St. 416-533-7272 

June 6 9pmPam Hyatt Trio No Cover, $20 minimum purchase per person. June 13 9pm Landen Vieira Trio: Landen Vieira (sax), Sam Dickinson (guitar), & Malcolm Connor (bass) $20 minimum purchase per person. June 19 9pmToronto Jazz Festival: Chelsea McBride & the Cityscape $10. June 20 9pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Laura Fernandez $10. June 21 6pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Kohen Hammond Quartet $10. June 26 9pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Harry Vetro Jazz $10. June 27 9pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Ori Dagan $10.

Harlem Restaurant

67 Richmond St. E. 416-368-1920 (full schedule)

All shows: 7:30-11pm (unless otherwise noted.) Call for cover charge info.

June 6 Daniella Watters. June 7 Marla Walters. June 13, 20 Mike Field. June 14 Mellow Dee. June 21, 23, 28 Neil Brathwaite. June 26 The Jazz Lovers’ Society.

Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, The

Hugh’s Room

2261 Dundas St. W. 416-531-6604

All shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted).

June 3 Mary Gauthier $30 advance/$32.50 door. June 4 Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos del Junco $20 advance/$25 door. June 5 Loving Mary $20 advance / $23 door. June 6, 7 Skydiggers w/ Peter Cash $29.50 advance / $32 door. June 8 Laura Smith $25 advance / $27.50 door. June 9 Judy Collins $90 advance / $100 door. June 10 David Lindley $30 advance / $33.50 door. June 11 8pm Pamela Jane Gerrard $25 advance / $30 door. June 12 Mike Celia $18 advance / $20 door. June 13 Dark Angel: The Music and Life of Roy Orbison w/ Patrick Brealey $20 advance / $22.50 door. June 14 Glendale One with the B-Town Horns and Carolyn Scott $18 advance / $20 door. June 15 Linda McRae $18 advance / $20 door. June 17 9:30pm Toronto Ravel $22.50 advance / $25 door. June 18 The Howlin’ Brothers $15 advance / $17 door. June 19 Sonny Landreth $32.50 advance / $35 door. June 20 “In Cash We Trust” a concert tribute to Johnny Cash. $25 advance / $30 door. June 21 Eliza Gilkyson $25 advance / $27.50 door. June 22 7pm Hear My Song!”: A Vocal Showcase $22.50 advance / $25 door / $15 students + children. June 24 Greg Wyard $22.50 advance / $25 door. June 25 The Outside Track $18 advance / $20 door. June 26 8pm George Lake Big Band $22.50 advance / $25 door. June 27 Shine On: The Universe of John Lennon $22.50 advance / $25 door. June 29 John Sebastian $60 advance / $65 door.

Jazz Bistro, The

251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299 

June 1 12:30pm Young Artist Brunch Series: Jacob Gorzhaltsan Duo PWYC/No Cover; Fundraiser for Music Makes Us: The Coalition for Music Education $100. June 3 8pm Hill-Overs-Chalmers Trio: James Hill (piano), Kieran Overs (bass), & Matthew Chalmers (drums) $15/$12(st). June 5, 6, 7 9pm Steve Koven Trio: Steve Koven (piano), Rob Clutton (bass), & Anthony Michelli (drums) $12(June 5)/$15 (June 6, 7). June 8 12:30pm Sunday Brunch with Arlene Smith: Arlene Smith (vocals), Mark Eisenman (piano) $12; 7pm Ori Dagan (vocals), Mark Camilleri (piano), & Allison Young (sax) $15/$10(with reservation); 7pm on the third floor jazz cellar Cabaret in the Jazz Cellar: Gillian Margot: Gillian Margot (vocals), Kevin Barrett (guitar) $10. June 11 8pm Soul Nannies: 9-piece R&B, Funk & Soul Band feat. Andrew Craig (piano) $10. June 12, 13, 14 9pm Colin Hunter and the Joe Sealy Quartet: Colin Hunter (vocals), Joe Sealy (piano), Paul Novotny (bass), Daniel Barnes (drums), & Allison Young (sax) $10. June 15 12:30pm Father’s Day Brunch with Colin Hunter and Matt Pines: Colin Hunter (vocals), & Matt Pines (piano) $25 (brunch and show); 7pm Father’s Day Dinner with Colin Hunter and the Joe Sealy Quartet: Colin Hunter (vocals), Joe Sealy (piano), Paul Novotny (bass), Daniel Barnes (drums), & Allison Young (sax) $10. June 17 8pm Ol’ Blue Eyes: Adi Braun (vocals) and Andrew Tees (vocals) Salute Frank Sinatra $15. June 19 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Mark Mclean feat. Kellylee Evans $30 from Ticketmaster. June 20 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Mark Mclean feat. Lester Mclean $30 from Ticketmaster. June 21 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Mark Mclean feat. Wade O. Brown $30 from Ticketmaster. June 22 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Bill Mays (solo piano) $30 from Ticketmaster. June 23 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Gerald Clayton (solo piano) $30 from Ticketmaster. June 24 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Jon Ballantyne (solo piano) $25 from Ticketmaster. June 25 8pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Ian Shaw $30 from Ticketmaster. June 26 8pmToronto Jazz Festival: Norma Winstone Trio: Norma Winstone (vocals), Glauco Venier (piano), Klaus Gesing (bass clarinet & soprano sax) $35 from Ticketmaster. June 27, 28 8pm, 10:30pm: Toronto Jazz Festival: Oliver Jones Trio $35 from Ticketmaster. June 29 12:30pm The Picture of Happiness: Brad Hampton and Patti Loach $25; 7pm Jazz Bistro’s Salute to World Pride: Samaras, Davidson & Aucoin $25.

Jazz Room, The

Located in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N., Waterloo. 226-476-1565 (full schedule)

Attendees must be 19+.

June 1 7:30pm Mike Janzen Trio: Mike Janzen (piano), George Koeller (bass), Larnell Lewis (drums) $20/free(Jazz Society passholders). June 6 8:30pm Pram Trio $15. June 7 8:30pm Ted Warren’s Commission $18 June 13 8:30pm Alysha Brilla Sextet $25. June 14 6:30-7:30pmOPENING BAND: Landon Vieira Duo Free with purchase of ticket for headliner; HEADLINER: Mike Murley Trio: Mike Murley (sax), Reg Schwagger (guitar), Steve Wallace (bass) $20. June 19 8:30pm Special Event: David Braid & Penderecki String Quartet $30. June 20 8:30pm David Buchbinder Quintet $20. June 27 8:30pm Jason Raso Quartet with special guest Robi Botos $20. June 28 8:30pm NYC’s Laila Biali $25.

Joe Mama’s

317 King St. W 416-340-6469

Every Tue 6pm Jeff Eager. Every Wed 6pm Thomas Reynolds & Geoff Torrn. Every Thurs 9pm Blackburn. Every Fri 10pm The Grind. Every Sat 10pm Shugga. Every Sun 6:30pm Organic: Nathan Hiltz (guitar); Bernie Senensky (organ); Ryan Oliver (sax), Morgan Childs (drums).


214 King St. W. 416-599-5262

All shows: 5-8pm.

June 5 Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring Dave Dunlop No Cover, $20 food/beverage minimum. June 12 Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring John MacMurchy No Cover, $20 food/beverage minimum. June 19 Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring Mike Murley No cover, $20 food/beverage minimum. June 23 Toronto Jazz Festival: Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring Ken Peplowski $40 via Ticketmaster. June 24 Toronto Jazz Festival: Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring Harry Allen $40 via Ticketmaster. June 25 Toronto Jazz Festival: Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring Warren Vache $40 via Ticketmaster. June 26 Toronto Jazz Festival: Canadian Jazz Quartet featuring Houston Person $40 via Ticketmaster ($15 discount if you purchase tickets for June 23-26).

Local Gest, The

424 Parliament St. 416-961-9425

Jazz Sundays 4:30-7:30pm. No Cover.

June 1 Zim Zum: Colin Flint (bass), Ian Lazarus (sax), Jeffrey Hewer (guitar), & Dennis Song (drums). June 8 Boom For Rent.

Lula Lounge

1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307 (full schedule)

Every Sun 11am Lula’s Sunday Brunch: Live Cuban Son & Beginner Salsa Lessons. June 1 8pm Martha Gonzalez w/ Amanda Medina Pinedo & Mamselle $15 advance / $20 door. June 3 7pm Roberto Occhipinti & Friends: including Luis Deniz, Kevin Turcotte, Hilario Duran, Mark Kelso, & more. June 4 8pm Eric McPherson & David Virelles duo, + Rich Brown Trio featuring Hugh Marsh & Barry Romberg $15 advance / $20 door. June 5 8pm Samantha Martin Roots & Roll Revue $11 advance / $15 door. June 6 8pm Yami & Joao Frade; 10:30pmJimmy Bosch & Ralph Irizarry.$15 advance / $25 door June 7 10:30pm Salsa Saturday w/ Changui Havana $10. June 10 8pm Paulo Filipe $15 advance / $25 door. June 13 10:30pm Cuba Libre Friday w/ Son Aché + Dance Lessons with Vladimir & DJ Suave $15. June 14 10:30pm Salsa Saturday w/ Ricky Franco + Dance Lessons with Dance To Live & DJ Gio $15. June 15 7pm Jazz FM 91 Youth Big Band Fundraiser $20 / $10(st). June 16 8pm Euphonia $15. June 17 9pm Dois Em Um & Bruno Capinan $10. June 18 8pm Sarah Burton $10 advance / $15 door. June 19 8pm Memo Acevedo & The Building Bridges Band / Jane Bunnett Maqueaque $39.50 June 20 10:30pm Cuba Libre Friday w/ Changui Havana + Dance Lessons with Santos Lee & DJ Suave $15. June 21 10:30pm Salsa Saturday w/ Moda Eterna + Dance Lessons with Baila Boogaloo $15. June 22 8pm Gary Morgan’s PanAmericana $20. June 27 10:30pm Cuba Libre Friday w/ Yani Borrell + Dance Lessons with Vladimir & DJ Suave $15. June 28 10:30 Salsa Saturday w/ El Quinto + DJ Albeth Moreno $15.

Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club

951 Gordon St., Guelph 519-767-2440

All shows: PWYC

June 1 6:30pmWagler / O’Neill / Campbell: Tyler Wagler (bass), Dave O’Neill (drums), & Graham Campbell (guitar). June 3, 17, 22 6:30pm Brad Halls. June 4, 18 6:30pmJohn Zadro: solo piano. June 5 8pmJazz Diet feat. Jeff Daniels. June 6 8pmStan Chang & Rosa Filipe. June 7 8pm¡DO!: drums + organ. June 8 6:30pmKite Trio. June 10 6:30pmCarmen Spada. June 11, 25 6:30pmJokela & Vogan. June 12 8pmJazz Diet feat. THUNDERBIRD. June 13 8pmAlex Pangman & Her Alleycats. June 14 8pmSean Bray’s Peach Trio. June 15 6:30pm Paul Taylor. June 19 8pm20km Jazz Diet. June 20 8pmPram Trio. June 21 8pmParc X Trio. June 26 8pm20km Jazz Diet feat. John Zadro. June 28 8pmThe Diggies. June 29 6:30pmStan Chang: solo piano.

Mezzetta Restaurant

681 St. Clair Ave. W 416-658-5687 (full schedule)

All shows: 9pm

June 20 Lorne Lofsky & Kieran Overs $10. June 21 Ted Quinlan & Mike Downes $10. June 22 Mike Murley & Steve Wallace $10. June 23 Ron Davis & Mike Downes $10. June 24 Klezmology Trio $12. June 25 Dave Young & Rob Piltch $10. June 26 Bill McBirnie & Louis Simao Brazilian Jazz $10. June 27 Rebecca Enkin & Mark Kieswetter $10. June 28 Roland Hunter Trio $10.

Monarch Tavern

12 Clinton St. 416-531-5833 (full schedule)

June 1 7:30pm Diane Roblin & RECONNECT No cover. June 9 7:30pm Martin Loomer and his Orange Devils Orchestra $10.

Monarchs Pub

At the Eaton Chelsea Hotel

33 Gerrard St. W. 416-585-4352 (full schedule)

All shows: 8pm-midnight. No Cover.

June 4 The Robin Banks Quartette. June 11 The Michael Bell Quartette. June 18 The Lester McLean Quartette. June 19 Mark “Bird” Stafford. June 20 9pmBig Rude Jake. June 21 9pmGroove Corporation. June 24 The Terra Hazelton Trio. June 25 Melissa Lauren. June 26 The Jack de Keyzer Band. June 27 9pmBrian Blaine & The Blainettes. June 28 9pm Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils.

Morgans on the Danforth

1282 Danforth Ave. 416-461-3020

All shows: 2-5pm, no cover.

June 1 Thyron Lee White with Dave Restivo. June 8 Jordana Talsky. June 15 Steve Koven with Henry Heiilg. June 22 Carin Redman, Mark Keiswetter, & Ross MacIntyre. June 29 Lisa Particelli’s “Girls’ Night Out East” jam.


401 Richmond St. W., Main Floor 416-599-7323 (Full schedule)

June 1 3-6pm Poli’s Jazz Salon featuring Don Thompson $25. June 8 3-6pm Poli’s Jazz Salon featuring Steve Kennedy $25. June 11 8-10pm Susan Cogan w/ Bob Cohen & Guests $20. June 13 8-10pm Conrad Gayle w/ Special Guests Laura Burns & Susie McLean $10. June 14 8-10pm Diane Roblin & Reconnect $20. June 15 8-10pm Roz Kindler: A Night of Sugar Blues: Ros Kindler (vocals), Mark Kieswetter (piano), Ross MacIntyre (bass), & Ian McGillivray (trumpet + vocals) $20. June 16 8-10pm Andrea Menard – “Lift” $20. June 22 3-6pm Poli’s Jazz Salon featuring Lorne Lofsky $25; 7-9pm Allison Long w/ CJ&T $15. June 29 3-6pm Poli’s Jazz Salon featuring Don Francks $25.

Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining

299 King St. W. 416-595-1958

All shows: No cover/PWYC

Every Tue 6:30pm Stacie McGregor. Every Wed 7pm Jim Heineman Trio. Every Thu 8pm Nothin’ But the Blues w/ guest vocalists. Every Fri 8:30pm All Star Bourbon St. Band. Every Sat 6:30pm Sam Heinman. Every Sun 7pm Brooke Blackburn.

Nice Bistro, The

117 Brock St. N., Whitby.905-668-8839 (full schedule)

June 26 7-9pmBarry Sears Trio $39.99 (includes dinner).

Old Mill, The

21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641

The Home Smith Bar: No Reservations. No Cover. $20 food/drink minimum. All shows: 7:30-10:30pm

June 5 Irene Atman Trio. June 6 Don Vickery Trio. June 7 Jim Clayton Trio. June 12 Don Francks Trio. June 13 Robi Botos Trio. June 14 David Buchbinder Trio. June 19 John Sherwood. June 20, 21, 27, 28 June Garber & Friends featuring the Russ Little Quartet w/ special guests.

Paintbox Bistro

555 Dundas St. E. 647-748-0555 (Full schedule)

June 6 8pm Mike Janzen Trio: Mike Janzen (piano), George Koeller (bass), Larnell Lewis (drums). June 14 10-11am Junior Jazz Jam featuring the Thompson Egbo-Egbo Trio.

Painted Lady, The

218 Ossington Ave. 647-213-5239 (full schedule)

June 24 9pm The Nick Morgan Quintet June 25 8:30pm Sinners Quartet No Cover/PWYC; 10:30pm-4am Late Night Jazz Jam featuring The Wayne Cass Quartet No Cover/PWYC. June 26 8pmEric St. Laurent Trio $5; 10pm The Heavyweights Brass Band PWYC.

Pilot Tavern, The

22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716 All shows: 3:30pm. No Cover.

June 7 Colleen Allen Quartet. June 14 Richard Underhill Quartet. June 21 Mike Murley Quartet. June 28 Bernie Senensky Quartet.

Poetry Jazz Café

224 Augusta Ave. 416-599-5299 (full schedule) 

Reposado Bar & Lounge

136 Ossington Ave. 416-532-6474 (full schedule)

June 4 9:30pmSpy vs Sly vs Spy PWYC.

Reservoir Lounge, The

52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887 (full schedule).

Every Tue 9:45pmTyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed 9:45pm Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Thu 7-9pm Apres Work Series (June 5 Alex Pangman) 9:45pm Mary McKay. Every Fri 9:45pm Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis. Every Sat 9:45pm Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm.

Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The

194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 (full schedule)

Call for cover charge info.

June 1 11am Humber Community Music Student Jazz Recitals; 7pm Pram Trio; 9:30pm Dave Neill Quintet. June 2 6:30pm Peter Hill Group; 9:30pm Jazz Mechanics Big Band (Brampton). June 3 6:30pm Jim Gelcer Group; 9:45pm Dave King Trucking Co. (NYC). June 4 6:30pm Payodora – Tango 9:45pm Carn/Davidson 9 June 5 6:30pm Elena Kapeleris Group; 9:45pm Carn/Davidson 9. June 6 4pm Hogtown Syncopators 6:30pm The Jive Bombers 9:45pm Ted Warren’s Commission. June 7 12pm Danny Marks “Solo and Loving It”; 3:30pm Chris Hunt Tentet + 2; 7pm Nick Teehan Group; 9:45pm Marito Marques Group. June 8 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Dr. Nick & The Rollercoasters – Blues; 7pm Bud Powell Tribute (DeLima); 9:30pm Sammy Jackson Group. June 9 6:30pm Peter Hill Group; 9:30pm Mike Malone & The Writers Jazz Orchestra. June 10 6:30pm Jim Gelcer Group; 9:30pm Sam Dickinson Group. June 11 6:30pm Payodora – Tango; 9:30pm Trevor Hogg Group. June 12 6:30pm Elena Kapeleris Group; 9:30pm N.O.J.O. (Neufeld Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra). June 13 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm The Jive Bombers; 9:45pm Jeff King’s Catalyst. June 14 12pm Gypsy Swing Jazz with Chris Kettlewell; 3:30pm Jerome Godboo – Blues Harmonica; 7pm Nick Teehan Group; 9:45pm Raoul and the BIGGER time. June 15 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Club Django; 7pm Bud Powell Tribute (DeLima); 9:30pm Mike Field Group. June 16 6:30pm Peter Hill Group; 9:30pm RICH UNDERHILL JAZZ HOCKEY MAYOR Fundraiser. June 17 6:30pm Jim Gelcer Group; 9:30pm Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band. June 18 6:30pm Payadora – Tango; 9:30pm David French Group. June 19 6:30pm Kevin Quain. June 20 3pm Hogtown Syncopators; 5pm The Jive Bombers; 8pm Alex Pangman Group; 10pm Manuel Valera (NYC). June 21 12pm Danny Marks “Solo and Loving It”; 3:30pm Swing Shift Big Band; 8pm Manuel Valera (NYC); 10pm Kandinsky Effect (France/Brooklyn). June 22 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble; 8pm Joe Bowden Experience; 10pm Jeff Coffin Group (Nashville). June 23 5pm Tara Kannangara Group; 8:30pm John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra. June 24 5pm Allison Au Group; 8pm Dave Young Group; 10pm Jamey Haddad (NY). June 25 5pm Chris Gale Group; 8pm The Colour of Soul; 10pm Rudresh Mahanthappa Group (NYC). June 26 5pm BILL SMITH; 8pm Joe LaBarbara (LA); 10pm Dennis Mackrel Group (NY). June 27 3pm Hogtown Syncopators; 5pm The Bacchus Collective; 8pm Mike Murley Septet; 10pm Tony Malaby (NYC) w/ Kayos Theory. June 28 12pm Youth Educational Jazz; 3:30pm Laura Hubert Band; 8pm Tony Malaby (NYC) w/ Kayos Theory; 10pm Torben Waldorf Group (NY). June 29 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Freeway Dixieland Band; 7:30pm Radiohead Jazz Project – T.J.O Toronto Jazz Orchestra. June 30 6:30pm Peter Hill Group; 9:30pm Sarah Silverman (NYC).

Salty Dog Bar & Grill, The

1980 Queen St. E. 416-849-5064

June 10, 24 7pm Live Jazz with Greg Pilo No cover/PWYC.


(Formerly Chick n’ Deli/The People’s Chicken)

744 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-489-7931 (full schedule)

Every Sat 4-7pmClimax Jazz Band $5. Every Mon 7:30pmBig Band Night. No Cover.


292 Brunswick Ave. 416-923-8137 (full schedule)

3-4 shows daily, various styles. Mostly PWYC.

Every Mon 10pm Open Mic Mondays. Every Thurs 7:30pm Bluegrass Thursdays: Houndstooth. Every Fri 5pm The Foolish Things (folk). This month’s shows include: June 1, 15 5pm Monk’s Music. June 3 10pm Peripheral Vision. June 5 10pm The Lydia Persaud Group w/ Tana Kannangara. June 8 10pm The Lana Allemano Four. June 10 7:30pm Aurochs: Ali Berkok (piano), Pete Johnston (bass), Jake Oelrichs (drums); 10pm Stop Time. June 17 10pmThe Ken McDonald Quartet. June 18 10pmThe Ian Sinclair Quintet: Ian Sinclair (piano), Kelly Jefferson (sax), Jim Lewis (trumpet), John Maharaj (bass), Nick Fraser (drums). June 20 7:30pm Dust: The Quietest Big Band in the Known World. June 25 7:30pm Trevor Giancola. June 27 10pmThe Ryan Driver Sextet. June 29 7:30pm The Kyle Brenders Large Ensemble. 

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