Welcome to WholeNote’s online “Canary Pages” Choral Directory submission form for 2014/15. By filling out the information below, your choir will be included in both our online directory, and the print version which will be published in the May 2014 issue of TheWholeNote. To guarantee publication in the May issue, please complete and submit the form below by April 11. The cost is $72 (see details below). Submissions that miss the print publication deadline will be added to the online directory, but the cost will remain the same.

NOTE: If your organization has more than one choir and you would like separate 120-word profiles for each, please fill out a form for each. You may contact me regarding possible discounts for three profiles or more. If you have multiple choirs but wish to include them all within one 120-word profile, please indicate “use same profile as (umbrella organization)” in the profile field, but please fill out a separate form for each, so that the choirs are searchable online.

Thank you for making the Canary Pages a continued success!

Karen Ages and the WholeNote Canary team

416-323-2232 x. 26, canary@thewholenote.com

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